The Pin Up

  First off, the show will be shooting in Los Angeles and I am going to make an exerted effort to use as much talent on both sides of the camera as I can. 

  I already have my first commitment to air the pilot and series "The Pin Up" on MaddyGTV and our first sponsor is One of the Biggest Camera Store's in LA, who will be supplying all the equipment needed to shoot the pilot and the on going series.  But as I said, I want to be able to change things up and use as much new talent and industry as I can to keep this show fresh and innovative!  We will be shooting the show in 4K.

  Funding is my main problem getting this off the ground... I am still looking for 35K, the basic funding I need to shoot the Pilot episode right and of course pay for the cast, crew and studio. VC funding could work, but would love to partner with the right Exec. Producer who can share my vision for this unique project.  **To be honest, I need a producer that is not afraid to actually have to  do some work, which means hustle this project and help make this happen, and of course, someone who can also fund the Pilot.**  Persoanlly, and I'm sorry to say, most "established" producers seemed to want to start with a finished and already polished project when what I need is their help to polish it!  I can't hand you a silver platter.  But with a little effort from both of us, you can help me make a platter that is not just silver, but one of gold!

  The Pilot is budgeted at a very modest 35K.  If you know the reality market, 35K is a fraction of what most of today's decent reality shows cost to produce per episode.
Despite the fact that most decent reality shows seem to start at 150K to do an episode, I really don't need that kind of budget to make this happen and do it right. (I worked for Roger Corman in the 80's and some of his bare bones budgeting savvy rubbed off.)

  For the first season at least, I actually expect the per episode costs to be 20K or under because we will shoot alike segments of the shows in groups, and back to back. That will also give me a little more time to create the actual art work for each show. I have no doubt, the shows budget will grow in short time as the show gains more sponsors, stations and networks and popularity.

  This first commitment I got to air the pilot was based on the concept alone and the quality of my art work.  Everybody loves this concept and as a past Playboy Photographer and a long time Pin Up Artist, and now a Multimedia 3D Artist, I am in a unique position to make this happen, and take it to another level.


  Yes, there will be playboy style nudity involved. All very tasteful. Again, this show already has a commitment to air the pilot and series, so the pilot has a window to the world, hopefully to help it quickly grow.  But I need a good Production Partner, an Executive Producer that can get this show out there and help me make this the show everything I know it can be!

  Please email or call if you are interested in discussing this project.


An Art Based Erotic Reality Show by Artist / Photographer, David Goldner.